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Kathy Gustafsson - March 5, 2021

Last weekend I participated in the West Coast Christian Writers Mega Conference, and it was amazing. Learning from others who have walked this journey and being encouraged to use the gifts God has given was well worth the price and my time.

In a Zoom chat, we were talking about if we picked a word for each year. And a question was asked how we had seen God work through the words we'd been given in the past. My mind went immediately to the year He gave me Delight as my word.

I wrote the below post in February 2013. It's been on my mind since that chat last Friday and I wanted to share it here with you.

Do you wake the same each morning?  Refreshed and ready to take on the day?  Or clinging to the sweet sleep that shelters us from the day?  Have you ever been woken like Joseph with a purpose and a charge to go now, spend time with your maker and see what He has to say?

Late in December I woke much earlier than usual, with a need to leave my warm bed, go to my office and spend some time in the word and in prayer.  God led me to a series of verses and each said “Delight”.  Delight in Me.  Delight in my word.  Delight in the law.  DELIGHT.

 A clear message for me for the year of 2013 – Delight.

And after a crazy 2012, the word Delight seemed like a wonderful thing to be, to do and to focus on.  I was ready.

Then five days into the new year, my sweet brother unexpectedly passed away.  A frantic call from my mother and less than 48 hours later I was on a plane.  The next three weeks were spent with my immediate family, mom, dad and my sister; just us four in one house dealing with all the stuff that comes with death. 

And each day in my heart the word “Delight” was repeating like a mantra. 

But how do you take delight in such a horrid situation?

  • You delight in being able to spend time, just your immediate core family, for the first time in many moons.
  • You delight in knowing a brother who had lived with many disabilities is running free and unfettered in the vast expanse of heaven.
  • You delight in the family and friends who surround you with love, hugs, food, prayer and encouragement.
  • You delight knowing the next time you see your brother he will be able to show you all the best spots and introduce you to the family who has gone before.
  • You delight in the freedom to stay and serve your parents for weeks without taking away from a job or major responsibilities.
  • You delight in having a sister to share a room with.

I’ve never before chosen a word to purposefully define a year, but this year I was given one.  I have been issued a challenge in the way I look at the world around me and at every situation.

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