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FGI Baby

Kathy Gustafsson - February 12, 2021

Fred and I have a joke about looking stuff up on the internet - “FGI, Baby.”  It stands for ‘F-ing Google It’ (sorry mom) and came from a long forgotten joke. 

How does this apply to the craft of writing?  We have more information at our fingertips than at any other time in history.  Be it by phone, tablet, laptop, or actual book – the information is there for you to find and include correctly in your story.

Not sure how much a tattoo will cost, or how long it will take? FGI

Not sure when a certain video game came out?  FGI

Not sure of the type of education a veterinary assistant needs?  FGI

Not sure who the king of England was in 1432?  FGI

This seems more of an obvious thing to do if starting a piece that would be considered ‘historical’, but it should be just as obvious when writing a piece that takes place during the Gulf War.  The goal is to make the reader feel like they are there, in 15th century England, or at Fort Rucker, AL in 1990.

Because if you get it wrong, someone WILL know, and you will have lost credibility with your reader. 

One of the projects I’m working on will involve quite a bit of research into the lives of women in biblical times.  The place I’ve started my research is Google.  ‘What did daily life look like in 1st century Israel?’  ‘Which of Christ’s disciples were married?’  These searches are just a start, and there is so much more detailed research to be done, but thankfully, all of this information will help me to tell a full and authentic story.

So, when does the research come into play?  Whenever it works for you.

Some writers want to do all the research first, immerse themselves into this place/time period, etc. and then write the story.  Some need to write the story first and then fact check and add details later.  Some will research and write at the same time.  The process is different for every writer, so it will take trial and time to figure out what’s best for you.

Where’s the best place to start?  FGI.

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